Wrapping Up

2009 is almost gone.  2009 was the year of change and growing up.  Learning to be balanced, learning to be married and balanced, learning to lose balance for a season and get it back!  We cried, we decided, we adventured, we changed, we moved, we hunted, we are learning to be patient.  I’m learning how to make friends again!  I never forgot but it has probably been 10 years almost since I had to start over and this time I already know my roommate!

So thank you 2009.  You rocked and I toasted you early with a final peppermint mocha.

In looking ahead.  Resolutions and goals.  I am not sure where to start.

1.  Turn 28 with grace, beauty, and some hot shoes. Late 20s.  Yikes.

2. Lose the weight, maybe run a race or two.  Learn to love my body in all seasons and by love, I mean treat it well!

3. Close on our house!

4. Lose the fear of having children – not necessarily by having one but lose it.

5.  Spend some time on the idea of what next.