Summer… A Recap So Far

Well on this mid summer night, I felt it only appropriate to comment on the fact that summer is quickly going.  I’m sad.  Deeply.  I’m enjoying the weather and the funness (my word) but it is going fast.  Here is a quick recap of the summer so far…

Summer rounds the corner with June.  I painted a wall orange in our house and quickly realized how much I love orange.  It is fantastic.  Then baccalaureate hit and was fantastic.  I believe I wrote a post about that. 

I went to a memorial.  It wasn’t so fantastic but it did get me thinking about how I want to be remembered or rather the legacy I want to leave.  What will people say about me?  What stories will they remember?  I really hope that my friends don’t show the GFG video we made our senior year of college.  It also got me thinking that we can’t do anything to stop the craziness around us only react better and grow.  We also don’t have control about the choices someone makes about their lives.  We can only hope to influence and pray. 

The same weekend we celebrated my brother moving to Portland and his 24th  Birthday.  We had good times at Henry’s in Portland (Yum) with my parents, brother, and a very loud and intoxicated self-proclaimed cougar sitting in the booth behind us.  Let’s just say we made the best of a very obnoxious situation. 

 A few days later because we are sadists sometimes we decided to have a middle school transition event and I was reminded that someone once said to never get caught not planning for more than enough.  Loaves and fishes anyone… we needed some serious multiplication.  It was a good night.

It starts getting a little hazy in their but we had a good Father’s Day in Olympia.  The rain continued.  I got it in my head that Grace needed to do an outreach at Camas Days.  The design frenzy ensued.  From shirts to banners and balloons galore: AI and I are getting very close.  (I still really don’t know what I’m doing!  But God has a great ride planned out.)

July launched with a trip to Tacoma/Puyallup/Olympia.  We picked up our 14 year old niece in Tacoma and took her to CityBlast in Puyallup for July 4.  Our old church organized the event and it was so good to see old friends and faces.  It was hard to believe that last year I had worked so hard.  There is a very sick side of me that misses the stress/adrenaline.

We spent the week with our niece and enjoyed such challenges as buying a 14 year old a bathing suit and shorts.  Fun times.  We battled bugs at Cottonwood Beach as well as women wearing thong bikinis.  Not sure which is scarier.  We tried our hand at geocaching.. we were in a word.. bad.  Matt and I got in arguments about our future parenting.  All in all.. a fun week.  We drover her back up to Olympia and met her parents.  Then we turned back around and went home!  Tired does not even scratch the surface.

Thankfully it is warmer and Matt and I have enjoyed some great hikes.  One of our favorites being the one when we decided to find out why the trail was closed and if the bridge was really out – it was and it was fun to find out how to cross. 

We also took Owen to a Corgi meet up.  Lots of barking.  Lots of drama and divas.  Corgis.  Not sure if that will happen again. 

Griffin has no real new tricks but has stopped waking me up in the morning.  Perhaps it was the morning and woke up and said… “I Got You CAT!” and tossed him out the door.  In the same topic… I accidentally let Matt sleepwalk in his boxers and take the dog outside for the morning potty routine.  Woops.

And then the booth at Camas Days.. which hopefully planted some great seeds in our community.  I’ll post pictures on facebook. 

We have had some fun BBQs with our high school group at church.  Movie nights, middle school services… all in all good times this summer. 

Still to come.. my thoughts on marriage, entitlement and idols.  Also stay tuned for.. will I survive 3 days in Bickleton with my husband, my dog, and 50 camping middle schoolers in the heat with no showers.  I’m excited.. aren’t you?