Who Do You Work For?

So in the last month.. I’ve been a bit busy.. For example: first there was Easter and in the church world whether you are involved  a lot or a little there is much to be done.  Then I, with an amazing team, pulled off a 12-25 ladies dinner/dessert event (Graceful) that was awesome.  Dinner was fantastic, Kim Fader sang beautiful, Christina Gard knocked it out of the park with a message to our young ladies about beauty, and it felt like a win.  I think somewhere in there was a trip to Seattle for a bridal shower and a wind symphony concert in Centralia.  I also learned how to develop and publish a website (really the folks at Clover take care of the hard stuff and then the rest is writing and picture selection).  I also followed directions meticulously and did not destroy our staff’s email and web presence while changing name servers.  AND I still don’t have a firm grasp on what a name server is but I am okay with the fact I didn’t destroy a major part of our communication!  I also almost figured out html and sending an html email.  I know it sounds like I am tooting my own horn (yes tooting)… but I’m not.. I’m pretty God had a hand in every detail.. because between team building and IT skills I’m not that talented.  It is good to know that God had his hand all over it and to make sure to dedicate it to him.  Why? 

Here’s why:  For every praise I got over the last month.. someone else having a bad day or life or mood thought I did crummy.. or at least made sure to point out things they didn’t like.  And if they didn’t say it.. they are around every corner thinking it.  Scary right?  No.  My worth.. not in what those people think. 

Now there is definitly a difference between constructive criticism and what I was describing above.  Are people saying things out of love?  Have I asked for it (literally)?  Are they someone I trust, watching my blind spot for me? 

Now I reflect on that today as the website launched this weekend.  I’m proud.  It is a fun challenge and I intend to continue my pursuit of growth.  Was there notsoloving criticism.. yes.. but that’s okay. I don’t live for Negative Nelly.  I live for God.  I work for God.  I do it to see people come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, get connected and learn to be leaders.  My worth is in Christ alone.  That is a safe place.