Full Circle

Today brings interesting feelings.  I am reminded that the world is a crazy place.

On one hand, I am continually amazed at the careful planning and creativity of God.  Today I was standing in the lobby of Grace, maybe feeling a little lonely.  Everyone is amazingly warm and kind and open but there is something to starting fresh.  No one really knows me.  KNOWS me.  There is something exhilerating and overwhelming about that. 

I was talking to a family and in the corner of my eye I see someone.  She looks VERY familiar and I do a double take and it is my friend Melissa from college.  I nearly cried!  I was so happy to see her – I gave her a hug twice!  We all know how much I love hugging.. well I guess maybe only a few.. I’m getting better.  At any rate – I haven’t seen Melissa in years and she has been in England.  Smarty got her Masters degree at Oxford.  Melissa is the reason I am alive, the reason I made better choices.  She is the one who introduced me to Jesus in a real way.  She made him make sense.

Really that was enough.   Today though, is the 8 year anniversary of that decision.  Full Circle.

On the other hand (although not overshadowing), today I grieve for the families, community, and coworkers effected by someone’s stupid and wreckless decision to end 4 precious lives.   I can only imagine what the families of the murdered are going through.  I pray God will comfort and bring them peace.  I pray He will protect them and walk alongside them. 

As a former member of the Parkland community, as one who prayed for that community, lived in the community, dreamed for better things for that community, I continue to pray for healing and restoration for the community. 

It reminds me how much more we need to be praying for our communities, acting in our communities, and setting the culture of what will and what will not be tolerated.  Violence and fear have no place.


The Sabbatical Begins

Gwyneth in progress.  I really thought about this title.  I could have gone with the kept pastor’s wife or random wanderings of a redhead but I felt this was slightly fresher and probably more to the point.

Well in the last month, I have said goodbye to Foursquare in Puyallup, moved 2.5 hrs away to the “greater Camas area” with my husband, Matt as he builds a youth church at Grace Foursquare.  We are trying to buy a house, be married, and start a new life.  It’s fun.

I didn’t realize how hard we had pushed in the last 6 months.  We had all Monday together and realized ministry was the hobby we had together.  That doesn’t work so well when it also becomes your job.  So we are learning about each other all over again.  It’s fun.  Like dating again, except not and I can’t go into it because it involves a filter and my mom potentially reading this.

Owen is at my parents house.  We miss him.  Really miss him.  I miss going on walks with him and having him with me on days off.  Which I have a lot of right now. 

So far I have discovered that the “greater Camas area” as Matt said the other night at youth services, is pretty cool.  I’m loving that Portland is spitting distance and Vancouver is cool too.  Shannon Redfern, my favorite super blond from Puyallup, loves Washougal and I am sure it has it’s charms but I’m not there yet.  It had some cute houses and parks.  

We have not found a house to call our own yet.  But we will.  I know it.  Until then we will be moderately homeless staying in others homes until we find an apartment/home/whatev. 

So as I relax into my sabbatical aka unemployed, I plan on writting a bit, playing a bit, and maybe cooking a bit.  And chatting about it.