Volunteer Day Off

“Excellence honors God and inspires people”

That is from Steven Furtick, lead pastor, at Elevation Church in North Carolina.

Check out this sermon from a little ways back at Elevation Church.

Great word for:

1) Volunteers, Support Staff, Servants, etc.

2) Church Leaders

3) Church attenders who haven’t yet made a commitment of serving..

I actually started watching it because I like the intros of many of the sermons from the church.  Super creative, fun, and sometimes thought provoking.  This is a cool church growing like crazy and impacting their community.  Easter had over 11,000 people in attendance, 18000 donated items (food drive), and 700 salvations.  Did I mention that the church started in 2006?

Anyway, in this particular message, they decided to give their volunteers the day off to thank them but also for others to notice that this was not a one man show.. not a cruise ship if you will.  What an interesting idea… I wonder what that would look like at Grace?  I doubt anyone ever knows how much is done at a church by unpaid people giving their time, love, gifts and vision.  A good church is helping people into this.  A great church is championing them. 

He also talks about being prepared for the guests.. not running out of wine (a la the story of water into wine).  There should be a sense of urgency that new people come through the doors and they are looking for many things.. everything from Jesus to a place to belong to a place to learn to a place to lead.  Be ready.