General Update

So we have been in Camas for over a month.  Although we love our church and our students and soon Camas, it doesn’t quite feel like home.  We are are still in transitional housing waiting for our house to close.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow about the date of our close.  Currently we are waiting for our loan to be approved.  Even with preapproval, it seems to take an eternity.  However, we made it through inspection and appraisal with favorable results.  I think we are getting a good deal.

So we are staying up on Livingston Mountain in someone’s house while they are in Arizona.  You can get an idea: Google Maps! It is about a 20 minute drive to Grace but even more into town or Vancouver.  Today Matt and I drove down together and we will be taking separate cars back as I will do grocery shopping and errands (we left a car at the church the other day).  Needless to say this is wearing on us.  And I get a little stir crazy because it is higher elevation and colder and LOTS of hills (whining) proving it hard on the asthma when running.  So I haven’t really been working out too much.

Have I mentioned I want our house to close soon.

Youth ministry at Grace is going well. There are so many things changing and more to come.  I am thankful we have an amazing leadership team and that our students are hungry for more.  It makes it easy when they desire change too!  We had our High School Christmas party last night and the ugly sweaters were in force.  It seemed everyone had a great time.  I am getting the opportunity to be pushed a lot in this transition.  We are doing both Middle School and High School (at the same time/night) because there is no middle school pastor… yet.  So I am speaking much more than ever before from ministry time, announcements.  It is good refining and I’m getting over fears I have dealt with.

So there is a little nibble for today.


The Sabbatical Begins

Gwyneth in progress.  I really thought about this title.  I could have gone with the kept pastor’s wife or random wanderings of a redhead but I felt this was slightly fresher and probably more to the point.

Well in the last month, I have said goodbye to Foursquare in Puyallup, moved 2.5 hrs away to the “greater Camas area” with my husband, Matt as he builds a youth church at Grace Foursquare.  We are trying to buy a house, be married, and start a new life.  It’s fun.

I didn’t realize how hard we had pushed in the last 6 months.  We had all Monday together and realized ministry was the hobby we had together.  That doesn’t work so well when it also becomes your job.  So we are learning about each other all over again.  It’s fun.  Like dating again, except not and I can’t go into it because it involves a filter and my mom potentially reading this.

Owen is at my parents house.  We miss him.  Really miss him.  I miss going on walks with him and having him with me on days off.  Which I have a lot of right now. 

So far I have discovered that the “greater Camas area” as Matt said the other night at youth services, is pretty cool.  I’m loving that Portland is spitting distance and Vancouver is cool too.  Shannon Redfern, my favorite super blond from Puyallup, loves Washougal and I am sure it has it’s charms but I’m not there yet.  It had some cute houses and parks.  

We have not found a house to call our own yet.  But we will.  I know it.  Until then we will be moderately homeless staying in others homes until we find an apartment/home/whatev. 

So as I relax into my sabbatical aka unemployed, I plan on writting a bit, playing a bit, and maybe cooking a bit.  And chatting about it.