One Saturday Morning I Wasn’t Busy

Busy is the worst 4 letter word.  It separates you from friends, family, God and taking care of yourself.  The worst is part of it is that it socially acceptable.

How are you doing?


Me too…

and then life is about the things we do and rather than enjoying life.

Part of direction for this year is to not be proud of being busy.  The to do list will probably always be there.  I love what I do.  I love the local church.  I love what God can do in people’s lives.  I love people coming to know God.  That list will always be there. Busy is about misaligned priorities.

1) God isn’t first… He’s center.

2) My hubby (ick word) husband is next.

3) I can order everything else after.

Honestly if God is center, I don’t have to worry about the other stuff too much.. He’s good like that.

As I look to 2012.. here are some other things I am banking on helping rid the busy.  Once a month cooking,  Vacation. Working Out.



After Christmas Letter 2011 AKA Happy 2012

From all of us to you, we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  We hope that you find yourself with friends and/or family and that it is filled with joy and peace.  There are too many people on our list of those we love and like that we did not get to see this year and I hope that in the next year we can fix that.

2011 was not unlike any other year in that it was busier than the last.  As we get older I find it is harder to do that so this year is about working smarter, not harder.  Matt and I are still at Grace Church in Camas.  He is the Youth Director and pastors 6-12th grade students. I am the Communications Director and I do everything from graphic design and web to internal processes and more.  It has been a learning year and I am still pushing forward.  Here are some of my favorite pictures & stories from the last year.

Fun in the snow in January.

March was busy with my trip to Palm Springs and then Matt and I taking 90+ people to the United Generation Conference.  Nothing like coordinating a fleet of 15 passenger vans, home stays and meal times.

I got crafty this year.. from spray paint to sanders to glueguns.  After celebrating a year in our home in January, we got to making it our own.   Matt tried his hand in home improvement too.

See that chair rail?  Matt did that!

Summer as Youth Pastors is a lot about hanging out with students and camps.

In July we took 50+ middle school students and 50+ leaders to the middle of no where for our middle school camp.  From extreme hot to extreme cold, we had an amazing time under the stars.  I’m forever thankful for how God moves and air mattresses and the occasional generator.

10 days later Matt got on a plane with my mom, two other leaders, and about 12 high school students and made then their way to Haiti.  They returned 11 days later with amazing stories.  They worked with a few orphanages and at the Foursquare Base in Haiti.  You can read about their journey here.

The people of Haiti truly need our prayers.  The next generation has the potential to change a nation that is stuck.   Foursquare is working to give the people a hand up by teaching things from basic skills to how to raise tilapia, chickens and more.

Matt and the team returned safely.  Matt and I celebrated 6 years of marriage in August.  We also did a high school retreat at the end of the month and had blast at Wild Waves, Sky High and hanging out with our students.

Summer came and went and we realized we needed a vacation!

We traveled around the state, saw family and basically bummed around.

We kicked off fall with our second fall Rise Together.   Here is a video recap of the event.

Fall soon became winter.   I became involved in our church Creative Team and got a little nutty over Christmas.  I was first excited about designing the logo and series design which was fun and challenging.  I loved the vintage feel and hand drawn elements. I also loved having stencils made from it AND spray paint.

That was only the tip of the iceberg.  We also got into our heads that we wanted to create a backdrop of downtown Camas in the winter with snow.  There were two problems.  1) Need a super high-resolution image 2) It was fall and no snow in sight.  I took 20+ photos of an area of Camas and went to town in Photoshop.  Here was the end result.

So if you read my blog occasionally and you noticed I haven’t written anything, this is why.

So now I sit here New Year’s Eve under a blanket.. resting!  We are looking forward to 2012: new adventures and chapters.  You can look forward to hearing about our cruise in February as I ring in 30 and plenty more.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy 2012.