Too much to do… too little time

My mind has been swirling with thoughts lately.  Blog post ideas… books.. groups…  When my mind swirls I write things down on post-its and little slips of paper that adorn my existence and create trail of mind leaking bread crumbs.

So there was a time that I thought I might have A.D.D.  but maybe I’m just driven.  Sometimes the driver takes left turns.

So here are some thoughts on summer (mind you this is being written after my mind was fried by middle schoolers at our MS Service tonight)…

1) I would like to write an ode of sorts to the fact that the GFGs are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this all.. it will likely come in blog form and divulge some of our best kept secrets like any good memoir would.  Teaser.. I think so.

2) I would like to finally post pictures of our house, perhaps have a much belated house warming party.

3) In conjunction with said pictures and party, I really need to finish unpacking as well as putting away.  I also need to pick a color of paint now that I have two samples of paint on a wall.

4) Join a gym.  Come on.

5) I am looking forward to enjoying Portland and VanCamougal this summer.  I can’t wait for the hippie in me to come out (she still believes in shaving though) and walk to Farmer’s market.  Good people watching times.

6) I’m going to grow some veggies in my urban garden and feast on them before the squirrels get them.

7) I’m going to not kill a squirrel.  I’m going to instead spend lots of quality time with my favorite Matt and my favorite Owen and my favorite Griffin and if we are lucky… the sun.

8.) Plan a get together with friends I haven’t seen in years.

9) I want complete some major projects at work.. from signing the building to helping our team communicate well and effectively.

10) Lots and lots of fun times with the young people at Grace.  Looking forward to some crazy good times from camp to groups to everything in between.  Woot.

I’m going to need some sunblock and maybe a Venti unsweetened passion ice tea.  I like it because it is pink.


Volunteer Day Off

“Excellence honors God and inspires people”

That is from Steven Furtick, lead pastor, at Elevation Church in North Carolina.

Check out this sermon from a little ways back at Elevation Church.

Great word for:

1) Volunteers, Support Staff, Servants, etc.

2) Church Leaders

3) Church attenders who haven’t yet made a commitment of serving..

I actually started watching it because I like the intros of many of the sermons from the church.  Super creative, fun, and sometimes thought provoking.  This is a cool church growing like crazy and impacting their community.  Easter had over 11,000 people in attendance, 18000 donated items (food drive), and 700 salvations.  Did I mention that the church started in 2006?

Anyway, in this particular message, they decided to give their volunteers the day off to thank them but also for others to notice that this was not a one man show.. not a cruise ship if you will.  What an interesting idea… I wonder what that would look like at Grace?  I doubt anyone ever knows how much is done at a church by unpaid people giving their time, love, gifts and vision.  A good church is helping people into this.  A great church is championing them. 

He also talks about being prepared for the guests.. not running out of wine (a la the story of water into wine).  There should be a sense of urgency that new people come through the doors and they are looking for many things.. everything from Jesus to a place to belong to a place to learn to a place to lead.  Be ready.

Personality Conflict

Being a loyal person is an amiable quality.  People love loyalty.  Not everyone is good at it.  It wasn’t until college that I realized that there were smart people that were not as motivated  or goal oriented or loyal to a cause as myself.  I know that sounds very black and white but I really didn’t know.  In high school it gets disguised as a kids who don’t do as well or kids who can’t sit still or kids who stopped caring a long time ago.  In college it is very clear.  The reality is we all had to get off our butts to pull at least a 3.5 GPA (My admission friends know the deeper meaning of that phrase) and at least take our SATs/ACTs.  As we are becoming adults, our personalities are formed and through our circumstance and experience we learn to navigate the world.

I am a loyal person. 100% kind of girl.  If I let you in and trust you, I am loyal to you.

The problem with being a loyal person is that you don’t take betrayal well.  You often don’t understand someone’s motives because your only motive is to do well by that person or by the organization. You don’t take it well when others fail you or lack integrity.

I don’t.. but I’m learning.  I’m fully aware of my imperfections and I never died on a cross for others sins so why should anyone need to prove their righteousness to me.  The same grace I have been extended has been extended to those around me..  I’m learning the balance. In progress.. right?  It is humbling and great at the same to look at yourself and go Really?  Really…