SOAP 10/18/10

But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel.” Acts 9:15

I’ve heard a ton of sermons about what Ananias must be thinking at this point. Are you kidding me? You want me to trust who? Don’t you know what he has done Lord? It must have been unfathomable but he had the faith to trust what the Lord was telling him. Go! Find Saul. Ananias must have truly known the voice of the Lord to trust like that. God can choose the most unlikely or notorious sinner to do His will. He can call on us to do the crazy to see Him move in an amazing way. You have to really exercise your faith muscles to jump at something that seems like it could crush you, your family, your people, etc. People have been challenging Francis Chan in this lately with his decision to step down from lead pastor to do what God has instructed him. What is sad is it has been people of faith. Now, I don’t know what is going on in his head and I don’t want to pretend to.. but I am thrilled that there are people willing to do the crazy for God. Am I? (Not crazy like burning sacred texts of other religions..) Am I willing to believe for things in faith? Am I willing to put my reputation on the line because of what God has called me to?

I must continue to pursue God with crazy faith! When he asks… I must be willing.

Thank you for this season! Thank you for speaking clearly to your children. I pray I would have ears to hear. Help me see you in the day to day. Help me have faith to do the ridiculous! I place my reputation in you. Bless Camas, Grace Church, Generation Grace… Increase our capacity (Faith, work, love, etc). Bless Matt and me and our family. Thank you for this beautiful day. Amen

Defining a Generation

I was watching Smallville with Matt today while we took a break for lunch between our Sunday activities and was struck by something a character said. I didn’t write it down or anything of course but I paused and said wow… it went something like this: We have arm chair bloggers creating a generation of critics rather than a generation of leaders when we need people to step out and be heros.

Okay so I know that this a show about Clark Kent growing up and becoming Superman. And if you don’t know.. Matt is a HUGE Superman fan. I know that the character was talking about current events in Metropolis but it isn’t too far from the truth. Everyone is a blogger (me included) and opinions are plastered all over the web. Some more qualified than others. In the last few years.. I have been outraged by how our nations/state/citys’ leaders have been treated… everything is fair game in the eyes of the media and the overwhelming voice is more concerned about complaining than contributing. We have a nation full of arm chair bloggers… many who really need to pick up a shovel and start cleaning up the mess too. So what does that mean for a generation of young minds who are more and more inundated with media.

I am fairly positive that Jersey Shore is not a show that will develop leaders. Yet they are influencing young minds and on the lips of every last news or entertainment anchor.. I know there are some other powerful influences hoping to develop young leaders. Who will win out? What will define a generation of current 12-25 year olds? Scary question when you think about our future as a nation and then flip on the TV.. doesn’t matter the channel.. pretty sure from any VH1 reality show to the Shore you wouldn’t want any of those folks mentoring your kids.

If you have kids.. give them a better adventure to live… For me a life following Christ has brought me down some exciting and creative paths. Find their passion and help them dream something bigger than being a Teen Mom. If you are a kid.. prove them ALL WRONG… Live out 1 Timothy 4:12. If you are neither.. get involved in the life of a 12-25 year old! Not by just mentoring.. but supporting and championing those who do.

This past Tuesday 409 young people from all over Clark County gathered at Grace Church for Generation Grace’s Rise Together. It was an amplified version of our youth service. 106 6-12th graders got saved. We worshiped, had fun, listened to an amazing speaker (Phil Urdiales). We also had the help of folks from Grace Church.. making coffee, BBQing burgers, directing traffic. Not all of those people are regularly involved but they are greatly appreciated and needed. They impacted 409 young people.

Now we go to the week to week battle of helping to define this generation into something more than a bunch of critics or self absorbed media consumers. There is a generation of young people that need a better story to live and need people to run along side them. Mentors, supporters, people to pray, people to cook, people to lead… I feel so privileged to run along side them!