Good Question

Why are we as a culture so afraid to ask questions?  We are told there are no stupid questions (even though there are some stupid questions).  We find ways to make sure we don’t need to ask questions.  As Christians we confuse asking questions with doubt and insecurity with God.  Unfortunately when we don’t ask questions, we may never find answers and in return we may never grow.  Stunted in fear, insecurity, or pride.  Weak, vulnerable to the pray of big questions that others are not afraid to ask Christians… the worst being sometimes “Do you actually believe that?”

I was struck last week by the questions some young people had.  They were amazing forming questions of faith.  Questions that CS Lewis would be honored to answer.  They were questions that many in the church would have scolded them for asking.  It was really a thing of beauty.  The beauty being that the Holy Spirit moved and I was actually able to answer the questions.

I think that is the real reason that Christians are afraid to ask questions.  They are afraid of the answer.  They are afraid that the answer  might change them.  They are afraid that the Holy Spirit might not give an answer.  It is a trust issue.

If you trust that God is who he says he is: all knowning, all loving, all powerful (and I do) then you should trust that the answers are from him as they line up with his Word.

The Bible calls us to reason with God.  I boldly ask questions to God so that I may grow in my faith and I may have a deeper understanding of who he is.

This weekend, amidst Easter (Jesus, the bunnies, and colored eggs) ask God questions. Lord, you really did all this for me?  God how did these colored eggs get involve?  How do I know I am saved?  Jesus, when you were 12.. did you know you would go to the cross?  Do you love me? Lord, is this all real?  How do I know?

Ask.  The ways He answers are suprising, beautiful, and always perfectly timed.  Trust God enough to ask a question.