SOAP 11.9.10

But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!
1 Corinthians 6:6

This ties in closely with my SOAP from yesterday. Paul is again observing how believers are treating each other. In this passage he is talking about believers bringing lawsuits up against each other. In this day in age, everything is done with a contract and with a lawyer because people are afraid of getting ripped off or getting sued. In the early church, it doesn’t seem too far off. I think the heart of the issue is not the lawsuits in and of themselves but really how do we treat others believers and nonbelievers. As followers of Christ do we treat others with kindness, respect, integrity and selflessness? Or we out to get ours; make sure no one messes with us. The most important part of this verse is the last part and this in front of unbelievers. Paul was greatly concerned with how this looked to the outside world. Just like yesterday with unity: the world understands anger, dysfunction, cheating and greed. Why continue to give them something they expect? Let’s treat everyone with integrity and walk in unity with fellow believers. When it gets difficult and we feel hurt or disagree with someone, let’s have the guts to work it out together not put our grievance on display for the whole world to see.

I must continue to seek integrity first in the way I do things. May I say what I do, do what I say and do the right thing. It makes everything else so much easier. I will continue to challenge myself to follow God in being an example of Christ to a world that does not understand but greatly needs Him.

Thank you for your word that is challenging and continues to cut deep to my heart. Help me to walk with integrity and treat others with kindness and respect. Help me to see them the way you see them. Help me to have the grace and godly confidence required to have fierce and necessary conversations with other people. Lord I pray that the way I live my life would be an example of your love and sacrifice. Bless my marriage and family. Bless Grace Church. Provide for your church and help us to be a source of love and blessing to our community. Bless Generation Grace. Continue to help us reach out to the young people of Clark County. I love you. Amen

Personality Conflict

Being a loyal person is an amiable quality.  People love loyalty.  Not everyone is good at it.  It wasn’t until college that I realized that there were smart people that were not as motivated  or goal oriented or loyal to a cause as myself.  I know that sounds very black and white but I really didn’t know.  In high school it gets disguised as a kids who don’t do as well or kids who can’t sit still or kids who stopped caring a long time ago.  In college it is very clear.  The reality is we all had to get off our butts to pull at least a 3.5 GPA (My admission friends know the deeper meaning of that phrase) and at least take our SATs/ACTs.  As we are becoming adults, our personalities are formed and through our circumstance and experience we learn to navigate the world.

I am a loyal person. 100% kind of girl.  If I let you in and trust you, I am loyal to you.

The problem with being a loyal person is that you don’t take betrayal well.  You often don’t understand someone’s motives because your only motive is to do well by that person or by the organization. You don’t take it well when others fail you or lack integrity.

I don’t.. but I’m learning.  I’m fully aware of my imperfections and I never died on a cross for others sins so why should anyone need to prove their righteousness to me.  The same grace I have been extended has been extended to those around me..  I’m learning the balance. In progress.. right?  It is humbling and great at the same to look at yourself and go Really?  Really…