August.. where did you go!

Well August is pretty much over and not to sound terribly pessimistic, so is summer.  Well if you are in school or a teacher or have kids.  I plan on stretching summer out for a little longer if I am lucky.

So for those of you who are not in Camas – you probably haven’t seen or heard from me.  When I start realizing that people are getting married and having baby showers and you have missed it all.. you start to feel disconnected. 

So August went to some amazing memories and fun times.  Here we go:

Middle School Camp!  Wild West Summer Camp.

I spent my 5th anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband/youth pastor in Bickleton, WA from Aug 5-7 at our middle school camp.  From problem solving no cargo room on the bus to putting up my tent with a 25lb corgi at my heels there was plenty to keep me busy.  Hot dusty days were spent with the corgi, 37 middle schoolers, 20 + high school leaders and adults as we encountered God, learned about Value and did what I would consider real camping.  The Port-a-Potty is about as rough as I am going to get.  It was an amazing three days.  I was incredibly leery at first (rocking 3 hours of sleep the night before probably didn’t help) as I drove 1 mile down the rock road in my Cavalier.  Tired and dehydrated, I wanted to turn around and drive to Yakima.  I waited until camp was over.  That first shower and real toilet felt amazing. 


Matt and I celebrated being married 5 years.  It went by fast!  While we have a trip planned in September possibly we only went to dinner on Monday after we got back.  Portland City Grill. Yummy. 


Shannon came and visited and we made a ton of jam.  

10 year reunion –

The following weekend was spent  hanging out with old friends at my high school reunion.  It was great to catch up and well.. yea… it was definitely interesting. 

Local Missions Week

The next week we reached and blessed Camas and Portland with our high school local missions week.  From cleaning out blackberry bushes and helping the homeless to getting practical missions training, our high school students did amazing things to reach our community. 

Boat Bash

Our high school interns did a great job planning a day on the Columbia River. 

And beyond

I’m looking forward to football games in the fall, the boots I just bought at DSW, our trip in September, and so much more.  I’m looking forward to doing some personal planning and goal setting for the year.  I’m even considering my Diet Coke addiction…  Discipline is a word that I feel in the back of my mind coming up over and over again.  So I plan on enjoying these last few days of August in the sun with a diet coke and some quality time with my favorite Matt.