10 Reasons This Weekend Was Amazing

I had a quick weekend away without Matt. That did not make this weekend amazing – quick disclaimer.

Onward to Puyallup

1) Dinner with a friend in from out of town. MMMMMMmmmm Mama Stortini’s. Made a meal with their lemon thyme chicken skewers & really expensive broccoli (that I should have gone without but it was tasty).

2) Campfire & Rummy (like the game- no funny business) with two amazing ladies. I’m not sure why we were laughing so hard but I do know some random jokes about the last Redfern fire dance, clapping instructions & pushing 270 came out of the evening. Oh and we made smores.

Quick overnight in Olympia, then back to Puyallup (thanks mom & dad & cats)

3) Shadowing with a Communications genius and witnessing a very classic lunch. The funny thing about family is that it is easy to pick up at anytime and you are always thankful they are there.

4) Who doesn’t love a conversation while babysitting the large format printer? We’re at A!!! There are no fumes in here.

5) Coffee with 3 friends and a baby. Everyone thinks I don’t like babies and to some extent I suppose they are right. Hudson is a doll and if he wasn’t playing random volcano with the puke, I would have loved to hold him. Bonus.. saw another buddy at coffee and enjoyed Forza in downtown Puyallup for a couple hours.

After a drive north and enduring the battle of needing gas and needing to find a bathroom around Bellevue.. I made it to Lynnwood.

6) Olive Garden with the Smith Family. There are no words to describe the conversations that went down. All I know is that Margaret said something that caused her dad to swear. Something about her future wedding night and we will leave it like that. It started out innocent.

7) Friday Night & Saturday with Margaret Smith- college friend. Oh the randomness. Trip to get a dress altered by a very touchy & blunt seamstress. Shoe shopping. Hanging out with more babies. Thai food. Planning Daphne’s future and currently fictitious baby shower at the American Girl store. And movie night. Everyone should watch True Grit with the Smiths.

8) Church at Mill Creek Foursquare. Phil Mangenelli brought it. Transparent & thought provoking. Podcast this one folks.

9) Hanging out with the Sprouls after church.

10) Baby Shower for 1st college friend to make a baby. It’s a girl with no public name, although we have clues. It was a lovely affair, filled with pink and shockingly good behavior – not normal of events with college friends and I mean that in the most lovely and wonderful way. There were a couple fun things but I can’t say for fear that it would get back.. let’s just say one fun thing was quite black and white.

Now back, learning a song for tomorrow night while Matt cleans up from dinner. He is good like that.. I didn’t mention the most amazing part: clean kitchen & living room! Today we hung out: went to a movie, grocery shopped and played cards. Both of us had full weekends and pleased to reconnect. Start it back up tomorrow!

Making the most of it

How to make the most out of unexpected time:

1. Always carry in your car a blanket or beach towel.

2. Keep reading material or journal handy.

3. If you are me… sunscreen.

4. Icey cold beverage. (Nalgene full of ice)

Made it to the park to meet some friends early and now I am enjoying the sun. 

Happy Saturday.