1000 Emails

It looks like that right?

I have seen a commercial a few times on TV for a particular cell phone and while I’m not entirely sure the marketing goals were met, I have thought about it a bit more than most.  The first time I watched it, I “googled” the company that was featured using the phone.  I couldn’t figure out why this phone would help this company more than any other (do you really need to write all of your emails from a phone? do you not own a tablet of some sort or laptop or something?  I know all 10 of my finger work faster than two because I was born in the 80s and I’m guessing the woman was too)

The second round had me calculating her claim that she gets 1000 emails a day.  First there is no way to thoughtfully answer 1000 emails a day.  If you got that many you would need 33 hours to email everyone back (2 min each).  So then I thought, “she probably has a few assistants, is she really claiming she does all the work? What an awful boss!”  The reality is that no one person should be this busy.  If you are, you have to work smarter.  When ever I feel myself feeling good about how much work I’m doing, I’m probably lying to myself about the cruddy job I’m doing at building a team, delegating and doing things that aren’t productive.  Work ethic is good and so is hard work.  Excellence is best.  Perfectionism is a lie.  Making yourself indispensable is stupid (what if you get hit by a bus? seriously.  can someone pick up where you left off?).   Leading by yourself isn’t leading.