Light at the end of the Tunnel – Living Room

Welcome to the saga of our Living Room. It didn’t start off a saga but after this month, I think I can officially call it just that.  We have a long room that is supposed to be a dining room and living room.  We just like to have it be a big space.  While I eat my lunch I will share with you the progress of the living room since move in.  (Sorry the pictures are crummy.  I realized after using the camera I am now using.. that our point and shoot has some issues.)

Move In:

Builder Beige, Manageable yet Boring

Phase 2.  I heart Orange:

I really do love bold colors.

So from day 1 our fireplace has bothered me.  It is a fireplace that is supposed to have a TV on top of it and I just don’t like that.  I am not into confusing the two.  Anyhow.  It bothered me.  It looked unfinished and builder grade.  BORING.  So I painted it first and that helped for a bit.   I have also added a bit of furniture which made this next idea slightly more challenging.

August Paint and Chair Rail Project:

Here is me priming the glorious orange color.  It will show up again.  I have a gallon of it.


Then Primed the fireplace:


Our friend Michael lovingly walked in our house and asked if I was going for the two toned look.  I about beat him and wanted to remind him that he was a special guest coming to our house when it was so torn up.  Oh and the fun part is that I used MetroPaint!  Recycled and inexpensive paint – it has limited colors but since I wanted light gray and dark gray.. it worked out pretty well.  For the most part each gallon was around $8-11 and covered really well.  I only did one coat with touch ups.


The we borrowed a miter saw and nail gun from a friend and went to town!  Look at that chair rail going up.  Isn’t my husband handy!  We learned a lot and improvised even more.  Not sure if our builder had a level on hand when they were working on our house.


Now the problem of the fireplace.  It is starting to have presence in the room.  There are a few more steps to this finished project but it is a pretty amazing transformation if I do say so myself.


Today is hopefully finish day.  I need about five design interns and a competent seamstress to finish it by midnight but I think it is going to be me and possible the hubby later on tonight.

I can’t wait to post the finished project. AND get my living room back.


SOAP & Camp Reflections

Good Morning! I’ve only had a few hours of sleep but here we go. This morning is all about the Word of God. This afternoon is about crazy trampolines (and God) and then sleeping in the car.

A little SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, & Prayer) to start the day.

So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing the truth.
1 John 1:6

For many Christians, living two lives is like second nature.  It becomes easy to be one thing for one group of people and another thing for other people.  God wants our entire life to be about him.  We can’t be in relationship with God and still walk in darkness whether that be sin or believing the lies that we are told about ourselves.  I love how it is worded in this version of the Bible:  Practicing the truth.  This implies that we are not perfect but practicing God’s truth in hopes of getting better. Even if we stumble sometimes and we start to fray into separate lives, we can join back together as we practice truth.  That means our disciplines (worship, prayer, devos, etc) and a lifestyle of repentance.

I can get worked up into thinking that perfection is the way to go.  I can get wrapped up into thinking that if I am not doing everything perfect, I am failing.  That is simply a lie.  Practice.  Practice makes perfect… which I  am guessing won’t happen until I am in heaven.  I want to live in God’s light & walk in his truth.


Thank you for your word that continues to shape and challenge me.  I pray I would have the courage to believe the truth you have set before me.  Bless my family today.  Continue to do amazing things at camp and work miracles in the lives of our students.  May they step to a new level in their relationship with you. Amen


First day of our HS retreat/camp was fantastic.  Wild Waves was a blast and no one (including myself) got terribly sunburned.  Dinner was great and then we got to service.  Oh my wow.  Ben Meckel brought a WORD!  It was about fear, preaching out of Judges 6 which is cool because Judges has been on my heart anyway lately.  This was all about Gideon talking about his circumstance and God talking to him about his heart.  So good.  Saw quite a few students get deeply effected  and the Holy Spirit dropped on us like a bomb.  Praying for students and speaking life over their lives.

We also broke out into prayer over one of our girls who needs healing.  She has a rare disorder that we are contending for her healing.  Join us as we contend for a MIRACLE!

Excited for today.. and hungry for breakfast.