To Train a Cat.. Thoughts on turning 28

Also known as two years from 30.  28 Although it may not seem like it is a pivotal year.  It is really the wake up call to 30.  When you are 27, you fake like you are still in your mid twenties.  At 28 you have no choice.  At 28 many of us are gearing up for our reunions.  Even if you aren’t going, 10 years is enough to think about what we have done since high school.  Some of us were early starters, some goofed off, some procrastinated, and everyone has a different idea of success. 

Today, while it is not yet my birthday, I received my birthday surprise and we added to the family.  With a cat.  His name is Griffin and in a word he is fantastic.  10 lbs of sweetness and love, as he jumps in my lap.  Having fur kids is great.  I think the real ones will be okay but these guys are pretty cool.  I am in a house of guys.  Much like most of my life.  For 18 months we have been dog people and now bringing a cat is challenging.  You can train them to pee in the right spot but that is about it. 

I worry that at 28 – I am hard to train.  There is so much I still want to do and as amazing as it has been to see promises and dreams realized, there is still more.  There are things for myself and things for others. 

I turn 28 on Thursday and I want to have a list of things I would like to do.    If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Now Griffin will perform his greatest trick of sleeping in my lap.

Melancholy-ish Music and Thoughts Random-ized

Here’s to another random post!  There are so many thoughts racing through my brain these days I can barely keep track.  So here a few from the last few days.

There is something wonderful about 6/8 or 12/8 time or a good triplet here and there at a nice easy walking pace.  It can mellow you out pretty quickly.  I’m not one for drugs so this is something I can get into.  If you are remotely musical you will at least recognize the way that this can make you feel. 

At any rate, I need this now.  My head is swimming.  I’m amazed at how quickly an entire day can pass by.  Then a week, and a month.  Gone.  Someone I knew passed away on his way home from a gig last week.  Gone.  He was killed on the free way.  Gone.  The memorial is tomorrow.  He was in his 40s, musician, teacher.  Teach us to number our days.

In college I would sit and listen to music for hours.  To keep up appearances, I would try do other things at the same time.  Sometimes music is a really good therapist.  For me, it always points to God.  Even the songs that don’t sound like they point to anything let alone God.  I suppose I should make a point to say I mean good music.  Seriously, there is too much at work between mathmatics and luck to make it be anything human.  I mean look at the iPad.. look at happens when we try to make something amazing on our own (clearly not from God- so not creative).

When are you supposed to get used to change?  I’m guessing it is when you finish unpacking your boxes.  Maybe after the first mortage payment?  I’m not too sure.  I guess that is why I am in progress.  I guess that I why we are supposed to trust God. 

Fortunately I am armed with a couple iTunes (clearly of God) gift cards and prepared to take this season in stride with my journal, Bible, good books, new friends, new people, and 1900 sq feet of boxes and fresh paint.