Personality Conflict

Being a loyal person is an amiable quality.  People love loyalty.  Not everyone is good at it.  It wasn’t until college that I realized that there were smart people that were not as motivated  or goal oriented or loyal to a cause as myself.  I know that sounds very black and white but I really didn’t know.  In high school it gets disguised as a kids who don’t do as well or kids who can’t sit still or kids who stopped caring a long time ago.  In college it is very clear.  The reality is we all had to get off our butts to pull at least a 3.5 GPA (My admission friends know the deeper meaning of that phrase) and at least take our SATs/ACTs.  As we are becoming adults, our personalities are formed and through our circumstance and experience we learn to navigate the world.

I am a loyal person. 100% kind of girl.  If I let you in and trust you, I am loyal to you.

The problem with being a loyal person is that you don’t take betrayal well.  You often don’t understand someone’s motives because your only motive is to do well by that person or by the organization. You don’t take it well when others fail you or lack integrity.

I don’t.. but I’m learning.  I’m fully aware of my imperfections and I never died on a cross for others sins so why should anyone need to prove their righteousness to me.  The same grace I have been extended has been extended to those around me..  I’m learning the balance. In progress.. right?  It is humbling and great at the same to look at yourself and go Really?  Really…