On Vocation/Calling/What am I going to do when I grow up?

Time to look into the mirror.

I have thought a lot about the idea of calling and vocation lately.  Working with young people I find myself saying.. you don’t need to have it all figured out.  I really wanted a 5 year plan.  I have always wanted a 5 year plan.  I don’t think God has ever let me have one.

PLU taught me that vocation was the spot where your great passion met the world’s great need (thanks Wild Hope).  I learned working at Puyallup Foursquare that ministry was who I was, not what I did.  Recently I learned from Pastor Frank Damazio (City Bible Church) that ministry was a calling and that the practical of what I did was the current function.

Not everyone feels like they are called (but they are) or that they have to have a vocation (but they can).  I have always loved working but I wanted to do something I loved.

When I was in third grade I wanted to be a fashion designer and a doctor.  I think somewhere deep down, I knew that money could be shaky in the arts.  In 6th grade I still wanted to be a doctor but there was a part of me that really wanted to work at MTV.  I identified doctor as a smart person vocation.. and I liked being smart.  I identified MTV as a place of arts and a place I could wear jeans to work.

In high school I was drawn to many things.  Music business, drama, writing, graphic design, photography.  I was also drawn to helping people and figuring things out.  I worked at a real estate office as a receptionist and I taught clarinet lessons. I also wanted to be a smart person.

In college I freaked out and on my third try I picked Music Education.  I really enjoyed it.  Everything about it.  What I probably learned most in my music education classes was that I was a leader and I learned how to be a better leader. I also started serving in church on the worship team and with the youth ministry.  At one point I felt what I now know was God pointing me towards ministry.

I taught very briefly after college and quickly learned that I like working with young people and I hated bell schedules.  I loved mentoring and couldn’t stand grading periods! I didn’t know I was a free spirit – or had problems with authority… who knows.

After that I worked as an admission counselor and finally landed at Puyallup Foursquare working with the Executive Pastor and eventually the creative pastor (apologize for the run on sentence).  I thought everything had let to that.  I got to use all the things I had learned and loved it.  I waited a few years and then finally got my district pastoral license in the Foursquare Denomination (tell that to 3rd grade me).

When we moved to Camas, I came back to an old passion.. graphics, art and writing.  Armed with a hand me down computer and an old copy of Adobe Illustrator.. I learned a lot.. and then I learned some more.  Somehow I ended up being the Communications Director at Grace Church.  I’ve taught myself quite a bit and learned a lot from friends and other churches/businesses.  I also get to pastor people – my favorites being those 6th grade – college.  I love the local church and what it is capable of doing for the community and world (like giving away in over $27,000 in assistance in a year among other things).

The coolest part is that I haven’t arrived.  I can look back and see the tapestry of my calling.  I look at the areas God has placed me and it is pretty amazing.  I never thought making 700 calls to prospective students would be a layer in that but it is (finding something to talk about with an angry 8th grade girl can be hard sometimes!).

I am convinced that no matter where you are in life… there is still more to be done.   We are on a journey.  **Edit** so when you are frustrated and angry at where you at… remember.. there is more **  It is okay that I don’t know what 5 years from now looks like.  I’m on the journey to what I will be when I grow up.


One thought on “On Vocation/Calling/What am I going to do when I grow up?

  1. God bless 700 phone calls, an unanticipated high point in my vocational journey as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on life callings (literal and figurative)!

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