One Saturday Morning I Wasn’t Busy

Busy is the worst 4 letter word.  It separates you from friends, family, God and taking care of yourself.  The worst is part of it is that it socially acceptable.

How are you doing?


Me too…

and then life is about the things we do and rather than enjoying life.

Part of direction for this year is to not be proud of being busy.  The to do list will probably always be there.  I love what I do.  I love the local church.  I love what God can do in people’s lives.  I love people coming to know God.  That list will always be there. Busy is about misaligned priorities.

1) God isn’t first… He’s center.

2) My hubby (ick word) husband is next.

3) I can order everything else after.

Honestly if God is center, I don’t have to worry about the other stuff too much.. He’s good like that.

As I look to 2012.. here are some other things I am banking on helping rid the busy.  Once a month cooking,  Vacation. Working Out.




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