It’s Been Awhile. Top Ten

I don’t think I have gone this long without writing something. The other day someone even asked if I still had a blog.  What can I say it has been a busy fall.  Sometimes not so busy and I haven’t really uses my time wisely. I am working on that.  Here are the top ten things I have been doing instead of writing.

10)  finding that my stick shift car had rolled into the middle of the walmart parking lot

9) being totally enthralled with pinterest

8) learning how to do bulk cooking or OAMC

7) being a youth pastor (one large event, multiple small groups, countless late Wednesdays)

6) releasing my stress by way of crafts but not finishing things as fast as I should be

5) making it back to the gym

4) learning new tricks.. specifically in photoshop

3) working my tail off at Grace.  It has been a blur of publications,  Christmas prep, building expansion prep and general brain leaking.  Holy wow.. am I still part time?  Not sure.

2) getting our house decorated for Christmas

1) when there is a spare moment I am probably with Matt.  We are planning a cruise in February.

This week I plan on posting some of my recent projects and maybe even a few of our tree!