Start to Finish

I’m on a kick. Project kick. My last post described my plan to redo our living room. I have put that sort of on hold because Matt informed me that I had many unfinished projects going on and called me a hoarder. Now I am definitely NOT a hoarder but I will admit to some unfinished projects. I find that when I post about my projects, I finish them. Accountability? Desire to brag about accomplishments? I’m not sure but it is fun to share either way.

1) The house needs a good clean (two Friday nights in a row of events will do that). That isn’t fun to write about though.

2) I bought some plants that I need to put in planters. This project did get sidelined a bit due to what I found when digging in the backyard… no dead bodies.. just boards and boulders. I have to rethink the backyard now. But I have plants! I need an adult sized shovel & a new plan. Seriously. Anyone had an issue with this before? We have real boulders, clay soil, and so far a really large board. Oh and by the way.. our “garden” is only a patch of dirt of about 6 x 6ft. Serious drainage issue.

3) I found on craigslist a metal patio set. I was only needing the chairs but I figure I can sell the table after I fix it up. Goal.. sell it for what I bought the set for or more. We’ll see. I’ll post before and afters soon.

4) Found a cute side table at a thrift shop for $6. It is really an old sewing table but it needs some paint and maybe new knobs. That would go upstairs and host the super cute and sentimental items my aunt sent me this week. Auntie Liz sent me a small pitcher and dish & some beautiful shells that belonged to my great grandparents.

So break out the sand paper (asking for a sander for Christmas) and shake those spray paint cans! I have to finish these projects before I even look for the round table. Start to Finish.


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