SOAP – Legacy & Leadership

So there is a lot of scripture in this one. Check out 1 Chronicles 22

I love how you can read the Bible and on one day something can go by you and then the next it smacks you in the face.

When I looked at this verse it smacked me in the face: 5 David said, “My son Solomon is young and inexperienced, and the house to be built for the LORD should be of great magnificence and fame and splendor in the sight of all the nations. Therefore I will make preparations for it.” So David made extensive preparations before his death.

This SOAP is a half reminding me that there are always those coming behind you (in age) and I need to have an awareness of legacy and mentoring. The other half is a bit of an open letter to those more experienced in the church. In a nutshell: David had a desire to build the temple. David had too much blood on his hands and God said, great heart, but not you. David was aware of Solomon’s weakness: young & lack of experience. He was also greatly aware what the house of the Lord should look like. David made preparations to see that Solomon would be successful in the task. He brought together the right people, the resources and the training.

There are people all around us that need this kind of trust and in turn young leaders (for now I am still in this category) need this too! Not every project belongs to us no matter how great or amazing we know it needs to be. It might be for someone else and we are robbing them of their birthright by our inability to release control. Serious words right? Acknowledge the areas that need to grow but don’t change the person into you or what you see is right. If you love the project and the person… bring the right people, resources and training to them. Watching someone flourish in leadership is amazing but they can’t do that if we don’t step aside. That doesn’t mean we can’t help with a course correction but it does mean trusting someone enough to make the mistake. David made mistakes, so did Solomon. It is part of being human. And we need to trust that God is big enough to be God over the mistake! If we can’t do that, we won’t grow, those around us won’t grow and the church & the world will suffer for it. Even more serious.

My take away is
1) Ask God if this is my project (ministry, purpose, event, group, etc) or if it is time to release it?
2) Ask God to make me aware of those around me that are “ready” or rather “chosen”?
3) Acknowledge their areas for growth and bring the right mentoring and training.
4) Build them up. Encourage! Love! Guide! Encourage! (Feedback sandwich with a little extra meat)
5) Trust God.

Thank you for your word. You speak to me in so many different ways but I am always most thankful for your word. Help me to be a leader that has legacy in sight as I work with others. Bless my family today. Bless Generation Grace & Grace Church.


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