Spring Cleaning.. er moving

Here I thought I had already accomplished the spring cleaning task and the bug would be gone.. however, I think years of moving at the end of semesters, dorm, apartment parsonage life leaves me feeling a little stuck at this time of year after becoming an adult and purchasing our first home. So May rolls around and I am stir crazy. There are no finals, no leases coming up, no major life changes. Stir crazy. Break out the paint cans and the frenzied craigslist searches. So here are the current plans.. I have already edited quite a bit and had to “cast the vision” to my Matt. He isn’t totally down with the TV not being parallel to the couch but we’ll work on him.

So here is our current set up..

and here is what I am thinking (notice the furniture is different sizes and so is the room.. awesome)

Rundown of furniture…
1. Green couch
2. Side table yet to be made (yep.. made)
3. coffee table (for now)
4. Entertainment center
5. My fav blue chaise lounge
6. Chair I am eying to recover (yet to be purchased)
7. Round table (yet to be purchased)
8. Lovely brown velvety chairs.

So if you see a round table CHEAP or a fun chair CHEAP… let me know. I’m looking.

This project also includes painting.. lots of painting.

I’m also looking for a set of patio chairs (metal) for my continued adventure in spray painting.

If I ever get this done, I will post pictures.


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