The Victory Lap

For the last couple years I have been contemplating what this year would be like. I turned 29 last Friday and honestly some family thought I was turning 30 (jerks). My thought has been.. you will see it coming. The last few months I have jokingly called it my victory lap. Now I fully know that turning 30 is not the end of the world but it does cause one to look back at 10/20/30 years. So I am calling it my victory lap.

For my birthday Matt embraced the name and got me foot related presents. Foot massager, home pedicure stuff, socks and slippers! I found this pretty entertaining.

Not only am I choosing to celebrate in this next year – I am claiming victory in many an area. I am also choosing to do some stuff that maybe I have been afraid to.. possibly go a little blond & maybe some new adventures. WHO knows? So excited.

And we kicked it off pretty good. Slappy Cakes, day of relaxation on Friday, dinner in Olympia! Saturday trip to ski at White Pass with my dad and brother. Sunday spent in Puyallup with friends and celebrated new beginnings with folks from brides to babies and now back today to get things in order.

So the attitude of this 29 year old is claiming life with victory and continuing to develop a habit of that for life from 30 and after!


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