Happy Lang Day Griffin!

Last February we adopted our second son.. Griffin. He has been a special joy in our household. He has some guts and he is a little crazy. He is a bit jumpy but always incredibly sweet. He has made his mark on Owen with a scar across the nose. Griff is also probably the softest cat although I have no empirical data to support that.

Griffin is a cat of many talents:
1) knocking pens and various items off counters and tables
2) sounding like a herd of elephants racing through the house
3) stalking the neighborhood from all available windows.
4) finding a toy in anything from wooden dowels to a twisty tie
5) sleeping on your stomach without you knowing it
6) whacking Owen on the butt as he walks down the stairs
7) amazing vertical
8) carrying off prey such as twisty ties and pieces of paper
9) being a great host (loves new people)
10) keeping Owen on his toes… or panicky… whatever

However tonight he is filled with damaged pride or a concussion.. not sure yet. Tonight while we were comfortably watching something we DVR’d… Griffin had other plans.. When stalking my toe, he got spooked and jumped up and back.. right into the coffee table making a loud clunk. Ouch. Here is is.. quiet and sobered.

So I realize I wrote a post about my cat. I’m okay with this. Happy Lang Day Griff!

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