Get off our couch!

In the last few days.. I have had the distinct feeling that my animals would like me to get better, quicker. It might the disdain they are showing me about being really ill since last week. Or the feeling I am taking up their couch.

Either way, I have been here a few days and today is the first day that looking at a computer screen or my phone hasn’t made me want to throw up. On Thursday I went to the doctor complaining of a swollen gland.. the aftermath was a mix of sharp implements, varying antibiotics, pain meds and multiple doctor appointments. I’ll spare the details. It also meant sacrificing my trip to Palm Springs (postponing at least). So it really hasn’t been the best week of my life but I am thankful we were able to keep me out of the hospital.

Matt has been a great nurse. We might have wanted get a maid or a cook though.. just kidding, he was great and patient. Most of the last few days was spent sleeping. Yesterday the pain started to dissipate and the pain of being still for so long set in so I knew I was getting better. Doctor said I was in the home stretch today and I am thrilled to get off the couch. I am doing a little work from home today and might make it to an hour of High School Service tonight.

And on the plus.. I got a heating pad and according to the doctor I have a high pain tolerance.


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