Lang Christmas Letter 2010

Merry Christmas Friends and Family –

As start to I write this, it is a Wednesday night and midnight… which should explain most of our year. Lots of late nights and lots of memories! Here are just a few as I recap 2010.

We started 2010 without a permanent living situation, living in someone’s house that we didn’t even know. Two months of itinerant living was getting to us. Then January 15, 2010 after a huge roller coaster ride of financing and house hunting we purchased our first home. We got the keys to our first house and moved in to a house in Camas (if you still need that address, let me know!). It was everything we hoped for including a kitchen that both of us can stand in and plenty of toilets for Matt. Although we have a place we can paint, we find that to be a task perhaps too much to handle so we have only painted a few walls.

In January, I started also working at Grace Church. My job began working part time with some administrative tasks.

In February we added a new member to our family.
The photo shoot was not going well
Griffin the cat who is currently off the wall with crazy cat excitement. Griff is about the same age as Owen and they are siblings. They play and chase each other like crazy.

We pressed through spring and my job began to morph. I began working more with graphic design and the communication aspects of Grace. Matt pressed through with 2 youth services a week.

I got to jet down to California for a conference in May. It was an amazing week for women in ministry leadership. There was so much information but it was a great learning experience.

The summer seemed to come and go so quickly. Owen and I had many walks down by the river and enjoyed the beach on the Columbia River. Matt and I did our best to enjoy the weather but we quickly realized how busy we were getting. Between planning our own middle school summer camp and a local mission trip for high school, we were shocked by the arrival August. We roughed it in Bickelton, WA with our middle schoolers for camp right down to the tents, port-o-potties and 1 mile rock filled drives. Also lots of dust. Our students and leaders had an amazing time. I can’t remember a time that I have seen that many stars. Our high school students spent a week serving a church family, Portland Rescue Mission and Bridgetown Ministries and saw how they can impact their local community.

By the end of the summer my job morphed into working with Communications. I am loving learning Adobe Creative Suite & pulling out the art supplies. It is so much fun to dream, create and develop new process and avenues for people to come to know Christ. I realize it takes longer to really engage in this side of me and it can’t be rushed which has brought me some stress. Producing graphics on a weekly basis can be draining.

In September, school started for our students again and we took a quick break! Matt and I took a vacation and flew down to California to go to Disneyland. We spent 3 days and did marathon Disneyland and California Adventure. Our next vacation will be slightly more relaxing but we had a blast.

In October I returned yet again to California when I drove with my friend, Shannon to Palm Springs. Shannon moved to Palm Springs to help plant a church. It was quite the journey. There was laughing, boredom, a storm and a trailer behind us. It took us much longer than it should have but we made it. Even when we got off the 210 and drove through Rosemead to get the 10 in desperate need of no traffic and a potty break. I don’t think Shannon will ever drive to LA again.
Venti Ice waters and Grande Skinny Vanilla lattes for all.
October also brought a fall event… Rise Together. We had hopes to do an event that would shift ideas of church and reach a large group of young people. Our prayers were answered with 409 students filling the church for Massive Monkees, Phil Urdiales and an iPad giveaway.

November and December generally roll together pretty quickly. We are still doing two youth services a week and getting the opportunity to hang out with some pretty amazing young people. Our house is coming together. We are getting more familiar with the Camas/Vancouver/Portland area. We have mourned the loss of Washington news and political campaigns but have not traveled to the dark side and become Blazer fans. Life is busy and the next year will not disappoint. A trip to Haiti? A half marathon? A week of vacation! Who knows but we are excited to find out.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


One thought on “Lang Christmas Letter 2010

  1. Oh my goodness! I miss you, Gwyneth!! So glad you posted this – I love hearing about what you and Matt have been up to. I hope to see you in 2011 – it’s been too long! Your hair is adorable and Owen is so big! Best wishes in the coming year. David and I love you guys!

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