Recent Art Projects

Had a request from someone to post recent art projects:
Fall Familyfest:

Uniquely You workshop:

Rise Together

Stage art project for Rise Together: Large frames, spray painted glossy black and the letters “RISE” hung in side with string and grommets.

Recipes Sermon Graphic

Family Movie Night

Banner for eNewsletter w/ new Grace branding

As always.. Gwyneth in Progress. So much to learn. I am currently pouring through Adobe CS5 Design premium and while I thought I had a pretty firm grasp on Illustrator, I learn new things every day! I am loving working finally with photoshop and using many spare moments to watch tutorials on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, flash, the whole nine yards. Lifelong learning. Have also started in the old sketchpad. It will be a long time or never before those see the light of day. Yikes. Maybe I shall stick to painting and crafty business.


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