The Vacationed Mind

We had an amazing time in Disneyland/California Adventure. Matt hijacked my camera already so it may take me a little longer to get pictures up. This vacation we decided would be fun.. relaxing can wait. We really haven’t had FUN together in awhile. So we went on rides from park open to close, saw shows, walked, ate and oddly enough talked a lot about when we would bring our kids there. So yes, despite a 5 yr old boy trying to lick the ice cream sundae out of my hands, we may have kid(s). Matt mastered his fear of the Tower of Terror, although the look on his face was pretty priceless. We went on it twice. I am working him up to bigger and badder rides. However, Disneyland will always have a soft spot in my heart. First I have always loved it from my first trip in 5th grade. Second as I get older – I see the excellence, detail, service, creativity and fearlessness of Disney. People have laughed at EuroDisney but this is a corporation that dreams and risks. They are excellent storytellers and use technology to the fullest to get a story across.

My friend Katie once told me not to sit near our executive pastor if you went to a movie with his family or as a church staff. Apparently he sees sermon illustrations left and right and points them out. I think I am getting like that. All through our vacation I would notice ways that Disney tells a story and it breaks my heart that so often the local church (at large- not nescessarily my church), outreaches and Christians can be so boring when we have an AMAZING “story” to tell. I want to work more on the experience someone has. How do we communicate the gospel (the saving, unconditional, redeeming love of Christ) from the community to the parking lot to the front door to the hallways to the actual ride. Disney tells their story all through your experience from web to Space Mountain. Jesus was not boring when he told a story, he used words and language and metaphors the people he spoke to so they would understand. If Jesus was telling the story today with technology at his fingertips and a fantastic tech guy at his right hand.. how would he tell the story? What language would he use? How many Christians aka religious leaders would he offend? Who would he allow into his church? It gets me kind of excited.

The other part of our experience that really spoke to me was going to the Blue Sky Cellar and seeing the upcoming projects for the Disney Resort. The first part is their creative process is that the sky is the limit. They have faith that if they can imagine it – it can be innovated. First – why is my faith so small? Second – imagine having that kind of creative process with teams/churches/etc. So often we fail before we even start because of the limits we place on things. As an organized (trytobe) person.. I see details in everything but I am learning operate more in the big picture (the beauty of being in a new place). The folks at Disney don’t even see technology as a boundary. It is amazing.

With the stakes so high, isn’t it worth it to ask these questions? I love coming back from vacation and although I am tired today, I am ready to dream. I’m pulling out the whiteboard and mindmap and getting on my knees having the faith that God will provide and all I need to do is ask.


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