Word for the Year…

Oh how I love this time of year! Self evaluation time… not from work or anything. This year it is a personal task. At Puyallup Foursquare, we would yearly go over this personal evaluation/goal setting/spiritual evaluation sheet. We would fill it out and then share with everyone. For many of us it got very personal. Crying and praying and sometimes hugging. I know not my favorite things (except prayer) but it is healthy. Evaluation and goal setting is imperative to grow and to keep us works in progress rather than dead on the vine. So for three years I did this under the direction of the leaders at Puyallup. This year I am doing this on my own, which felt a little nerdy, but I like being nerdy. It feels good.

The timing is right. Yesterday I caught much of the The Nines conference and heard some AMAZING church leaders give 6 minutes of encouragement, teaching, advice, personal stories and so much more. The Nines is an online conference and FREE! Grace purchased a package so we could have the program and access to the videos for future reference. Next year you should do it too (The Nines). It was so encouraging. So I am pretty fired up. There is so much to be done. Camas and Clark County desperately needs Grace to be the local church in ACTION. Loving, moving, encouraging, helping, building, dreaming, bringing hope, and so much more. Hear that.. fire. Fire got tempered with wisdom and teaching too..

With that my word for 2011 is “Develop discipline and balance to leave margin for faith and dreams.” I also analyzed my spiritual tensions (where will I grow/what will die/where have I coasted?) and made physical, spiritual and financial goals for 2011. I have some tall orders ahead of me but I am up for the challenge.

Today’s devotions confirmed that for me. I serve an amazing God. He is faithful. He loves us so much and because of this we are not consumed by by worry, despair, our situations or fear. He never fails us and his love for us is new every morning. When we think we are alone, God is there. When others are cruel, He is there. When we feel lost – He guides us. (Lamentations 3:22-24) With God I am prepared for the challenge.

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