Doubt.. the Good, the Bad, the Ignorant

So I wrote awhile back about questions.  They are good for the most part.  The only bad questions are not the ones not asked but the ones in which you already know the answer (Will this hurt? Yes, you are holding your hand over a stove burner). 

When doubt creeps in, it can take a few different forms.  Good, Bad, Ignorant I’m sure there are more but this is my blog and my thoughts so we’ll end the list there.

Good Doubt

Good doubt really comes in the form of questions and knowing that God is in control and has a purpose.  This doubt seeks who God is in our question.  Good doubt seeks to know God’s purpose in our situation.  It brings us back to God.  The Bible continually beckons us to reason with God (Isaiah 1:18) to test what people have spoken or prophesied (1 John 4:1) and gives us examples with those who wrestled with God (Gen 32:34) or looked for God when they did not understand their circumstance.  Good doubt.

Bad Doubt.. is doubting who God is in general.  How great His love is, how powerful he is, how far his reach is in our lives.  There are plenty of accounts in the Bible for that as well as around us.

Ignorant doubt.. I know it sounds the same as bad but it isn’t.  Often we think we know the power, love, and depth of who God is but we haven’t even scratched the surface.  We believe blindly without fully knowing who He is.  We create boxes and limitations around God.  We forget he created us, sent Jesus to redeem us, and the Holy Spirit to do amazing things in and with us. We think that if we don’t put someone’s full name and situation in a prayer request that God couldn’t move.  We think we need state our giftings and accomplishments because God hasn’t made them evident in us.  We open doors to things that we were never meant to see.  We doubt God.  Not because we don’t love him, but we don’t full know and trust him. 

I say we because I know I am just as guilty.  I have moments that I wonder if I am doing this with or for or without God!  Then in humility I remember that God knit me in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139), he sent Jesus to die for my sins, and that he called me to minister and do a great many things.  He put the dreams I have in my heart and the passions that have brought me down this journey of life.  I can trust him in all things and all situations.  I will continue to wrestle with the idea of faith, keep trying to not pretend I know it all, and love God.


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